Downloading Confluence Server Log Files

The easiest way to download the Confluence server log files (atlassian-confluence.log, atlassian-confluence-index.log, etc.) is to use our free Log Downloader app. Download the log file with one click.

As of Confluence 7.11, the Confluence server log atlassian-confluence.log has been supplemented with the addition of atlassian-confluence-index.log, atlassian-confluence-outgoing-mail.log, and attlassian-confluence-security.log. When supplying Confluence server logs to support please include all atlassian-confluence-… log files unless they specifically request only the atlassian-confluence.log.

Confluence has “Troubleshooting and support tools” for creating a support zip (containing the Confluence log file) but that tool can be overkill if all you want is the server log file. The Confluence tool requires several page renders and a lot of clicking to download a zip that only contains the Confluence application logs.

See Confluence documentation for Configuring Logging for adjusting the logging level (INFO, DEBUG, etc.)

  • In some cases, you will adjust the logging level for a Java package that corresponds to the Artemis plugin/app that you are using

    • Support will give you the name of the package, eg “net.artemis.plugins.conf.multiexcerpt4” and they will tell you what level is needed (INFO, DEBUG, etc.)


    • After you add the logging entries do not forget to click the “Save” button at the bottom of the Logging and Profiling page:


  • Confluence has a tool for getting the server log at General Configuration > Troubleshooting and support tools

    Follow the prompts to create a Support Zip.  See Create a Support Zip for full instructions (or just use our  Log Downloader app and get the log with one click).

  • When downloading the log files you do not need to include anything except the Confluence application logs unless support requests something else.

    • Please don’t include data that is not needed or requested. A full support zip, containing all possible data, is very large and most of the contents are not needed.