How to Vote on Jira Issues

To vote on issues you must be logged into Jira. 
There are two views in Jira, you can vote in either view

How to disable the new Jira view

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Click on 'See old view link' or click on your user icon then settings then in Jira labs section toggle the slider off

There may be a purple Atlassian message that sites on top of of the page that you may need to dismiss prior to being able to see the option to the old view of Jira.

How to vote via the new issue view

In the new issue view, click on the thumbs up icon 

How to vote via the old issue view

In the old issue view, click on the 'Vote for this issue' link

There is a known issue JSDSERVER-1367 or JSDCLOUD-1367

That is a redirect loop that keeps directing you back to the Portal rather than following the link to a Jira Issue. Please go and vote on the above issue to let Atlassian know you are having this problem. Currently, there is no known workaround. 

Don't have Jira?

If you have logged into our Portal for support you have access to Jira features as a Jira user. Just log in to our portal and then navigate from there to the issue that your ticket has been escalated to. 

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If you're experiencing issues please see our Troubleshooting Guide.