Flow Board 2.1


Marketplace Version 2.1.0

  • Archive and unarchive Cards and Lists

  • Compact mode for one column boards - great for side by side or SWOT boards

  • Move cards to a different board

  • Move lists to a different board

  • Several more notification options



Archive and unarchive cards and lists

Accidentally delete a card or list? Change your mind about a card you intentionally deleted? No problem.

  1. Click on the ellipsis to access the dropdown menu

  2. Choose Cards or Lists, whichever you want to unarchive

  3. On the specific card (or list) you want to unarchive, click on the circular undo arrow and choose which list you want the card to go back to



This changes the Board Refresh/Sync Button location


Compact mode

We find this feature handy for minimizing the page footprint of boards, for boards containing only one list, and doing SWOT analyses. We’d love to hear how you use it.

In page edit mode, click on the Flow Board macro and check the ‘Compact’ checkbox.


Here’s how we setup our SWOT board

Add list

As you’ve probably noticed, compact mode removes the ‘Add list’ input field. To add a list to a compact mode board, click the ellipses, then ‘Add List’ from the dropdown menu.

Move cards to a different board

Drag and drop cards to a different board. This works regardless if compact mode is enabled.

Move lists to a different board

Drag and drop lists, and all cards within it, to a different board on the same page. This works whether or not compact mode is enabled.

Currently, dragging a list to an empty board does not work as smoothly as it should – while possible, it can be hard to activate the drop zone in the empty board. We have a Jira issue open for this https://artemis.atlassian.net/browse/FB-80 which we welcome you to add your vote.

In the mean time, you can use this workaround:

  1. Create a temporary list on the empty board (board B)

  2. Move the desired list from board A to board B

  3. Delete the temporary list from board B

More notification options

We implemented notifications with Flow Board 2.0. Flow Board 2.1 brings more control over which actions users will be notified of and whether they should be notified about their own changes.

The following mentions from Admin Console section of Flow Board 2.0 release notes still apply:

  • Only users with the confluence-administrators group permission have access to the Flow Board admin console

  • Settings within the admin console apply to all boards within your Confluence instance https://<your server base url>.atlassian.net/


We’ve updated the share card link icon that was added in Flow Board 2.0


Jira Issues

included in v2.1.0

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