MultiExcerpt Server and Data Center - User Guide

The MultiExcerpt app performs similarly to the excerpt macro while also allowing for multiple excerpts from multiple spaces. 

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  • Ability to seamlessly transfer content between multiple pages and spaces
  • Reduces need for rewriting boilerplate documentation 
  • Can be transferred inline with current content or in a resizable block
  • MultiExcerpts can contain Informational boxes, Flow Boards, and JIRA issues

User Guide 

The MultiExcerpt function is a two-step process involving two macros:

  1. Creating the MultiExcerpt key - the text you want to multiply and display in various locations
  2. Inserting the MultiExcerpt Include to display the key text

Create the MultiExcerpt key 

  1. Select the MultiExcerpt macro
  2. Name the MultiExcerpt, then click Insert. 
  3. The MultiExcerpt key displays on page
  4. Add the text you want to display in multiple locations to the MultiExcerpt box

Insert the MultiExcerpt Include 

  1. Select the MultiExcerpt Include. If you wish to include the MultiExcerpt inline with the current content select MultiExcerpt Fast Include (Inline). Select MultiExcerpt Fast Include (Block) if you would like to insert the content as a resizable block. 
  2. Add where the MultiExcerpt key is located (Space and Page) and its Name, then click Insert
  3. The MultiExcerpt Include block displays while the Confluence page is in edit mode
  4. In view mode, your text displays exactly how it looks in the key MultiExcerpt


Find Includes 

You can search for all the locations where a specific MultiExcerpt has been included.

  1. Navigate to the page where the MultiExcerpt is located
  2. Click (page edit mode) to view the MultiExcerpt macro
  3. Click on the MultiExcerpt macro and a few options will display
  4. Click on 'Find Includes'
  5. The list of pages that include MultiExcerpt are listed. Clicking on the link will take you to that page.


MultiExcerpt Enhanced Permissions

The 'MultiExcerpt Enhanced Permissions' feature allows users to include content from restricted pages and restricted spaces with specific users and/or groups. Use this feature to render content in a controlled way to anyone you want.

This macro is in its own module so it can easily be enabled/disabled by an admin for the Confluence Server. It is disabled by default.

The "enhanced permissions" feature is complex enough that we document it in its own article: MultiExcerpt Enhanced Permissions 

MultiExcerpt Include Server Cache 

Using several instances of MultiExcerpt Include on the same page in Confluence Server may cause slower page performance if you use several instances of MultiExcerpt Includes on a single Confluence page and if caching is disabled.  To improve page performance when using several instances of MultiExcerpt Include, select the 'Cache Enabled' box in the MultiExcerpt Include macro. 

How to enable/disable cache for your site: 

Access the MultiExcerpt Admin tool under Confluence Administration:

How to disable cache for individual MultiExcerpt Includes 

Click the 'Disable Caching' box for the individual MultiExcerpt Name and click Save.

Cache flush and performance tuning 

Use the Cache Management tool in Confluence administration: General Configuration > Cache Management > Show advanced view > Scroll down to our app 

Migrating MultiExcerpt from Server to Cloud or from Cloud to Server

There are MultiExcerpt apps for both Confluence Server and Confluence Cloud. There is a migration path for either direction:

Migrating MultiExcerpt from Server/Data Center to Cloud

Migrating MultiExcerpt from Cloud to Server

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