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The Copy Page Tree app allows you to add a page action to copy not only the current page, but a complete page hierarchy. The app supports adjustments of page names to avoid problems with page name duplication. Use text search/replace to customize content on the destination pages. Copy attachments, labels, properties, permissions. Copies can be saved to other Spaces as well.

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  • Copy an entire page tree, Parent Page and its Child Pages, including (optionally) Attachments, Labels, Properties, Permissions
  • Search/Replace one or more pairs of strings to customize page content 
  • Supports page name adjustments to avoid issues with page name duplication
  • Review the page tree copy
  • Save form values for more efficient copies of the same page tree
  • The progress bar gives real-time feedback about the progress of the copy job
  • Quick links to Source and Destination pages upon copy completion
  • Delete an entire page tree

User Guide 

How to copy a page tree 

  1. On the root page for the tree you want to copy:  in the tools menu dropdown, select Copy Page Tree
  2. The Copy Page Tree macro displays
  3. Select the page tree destination
    1. Under Select Destination section, select the destination space and page.
    2. (warning) Space and Parent Page must already exist in order for it to show in the destination dropdowns.
    3. (info) You can choose a destination in a different Space than the space of the page tree you are copying.
  4. Customize your page titles if needed to avoid clashes with existing pages in the destination space
    1. Prefix "[COPY]" is already set for you but it is optional.
      1. The purpose of Prefix (and the other tools for changing titles of the copied pages) is to avoid page name duplication in the target space.
      2. Confluence does NOT allow pages with duplicate names/titles to exist in a space.
      3. Use the Page Titles tools to ensure unique page names in the destination space.
    2. If you Enable Advanced Options then you can individually edit page titles.  Click on the folder next to the top level page to expand the tree.
    3. If you Enable Advanced Options then you can use a page title Suffix instead of (or in addition to) a Prefix
      1. Advanced options are applied in a second phase of the copy process.  Because page title suffixes are applied in the second phase, page titles with only the prefix applied must be unique in the destination space for the copy to succeed.
  5. Click Copy Page Tree
    1. The copying process is followed by a confirmation page.

  6. (warning) If you would like to view the copied tree in the content of your destination page, insert the Page Tree macro on your destination page. See the below instructions for adding the page tree macro.

Enable Advanced Options

The Copy Page Tree "Advanced Options" allow several advanced copy operations:

  • Page content search/replace
    • search and replace text content on copied pages
    • multiple search/replace pairs can be specified
  • Page title suffixes in addition to the regular prefix and search/replace function for titles
    • Advanced options are applied in a second phase of the copy process.  Because page title suffixes are applied in the second phase, page titles with only the prefix applied must be unique in the destination space for the copy to succeed.
  • Custom page titles for each page in the copied tree
    • use the tree navigation UI to edit titles for individual pages

Saved Form Values

When you click the Copy Page Tree button, the values of some of the form inputs will be saved. This will help to speed up future page tree copies using the same source page.

Title and Content "with" values, as well as manual page title edits will not be saved. In order to clear the saved form values, hit the Reset to Defaults button. 


If you have revoked permissions for the group 'confluence-users' in Space Settings → Permissions then you may need to add the 'Copy Page Tree' app user to Individual Users and grant All → View to the app user.

The Copy Page Tree app works without adding a 'Copy Page Tree' app user permission if you have at least the All → View permission granted to 'confluence-users'.  If you revoke All → View from 'confluence-users' then you must add permissions for the 'Copy Page Tree' app user.

An "app user" is a user that exists in Confluence to represent an app when it is performing actions.  If you click the 'Edit Permissions' button and use the 'Add' button to add an individual user you will discover that the user picker recognizes your installed apps as users, like 'Copy Page Tree'.

How to add Page Tree macro after copying a page tree 

The Page Tree macro is a Confluence macro for viewing a page tree.

  1. On your destination page click the page Edit button (pencil icon) then Other Macros
  2. Search for and select Page Tree macro

  3. Select the Root Page

  4. Select the Start Depth, the level of child pages you want to display, and click Save

  5. Your newly copied page tree now displays on your destination page.

Deleting Page Tree(s) 

You can only delete pages with the Delete Page Tree that you have page permissions to delete with this feature.

  1. When you are on the parent page select the ... menu and then scroll down until you find "Delete Page Tree"
  2. You will then see this Confirmation page
    1. It will tell you how many pages that you are about to delete
    2. If you find that you don't want to delete that you can select the cancel button

Delete Page Tree Permissions

In order to delete a page, a user must have the "delete" permission for the space the page is in, as well as permission to edit the page. During a Delete Page Tree operation, if a page is encountered where a user does not have these permissions, the page will not be deleted. 


The following limitations have been set to reduce server load and keep performance (i.e. page speed) optimal. We're open to your feedback on these limits. 

  • The number of pages that can be copied in a page tree is currently limited to 2000 pages
  • The size of any particular attachment that can be copied is currently limited to 5 megabytes

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