MultiExcerpt Cloud Data Storage & Privacy


Is data or content from my Confluence space copied or duplicated to your servers to provide the apps service?


We do not copy or store data or content from your Confluence space including the content within the MultiExcerpts themselves. We store MultiExcerpt macro IDs only. These IDs allow us to get the data from Confluence on-demand when rendered in a MultiExcerpt Include. The macro body briefly passes through our servers but is neither copied nor stored.

Macro IDs are stored using a combination of your Confluence site's unique ID, the excerpt macro's opaque page ID, and a cryptographically secure (sha256) one-way-hash of the macro name parameter. We store a small amount of registration information when the app is installed:  a shared secret to verify that requests made by Atlassian to our app are valid and to sign our app's requests back to Atlassian. The registration data also includes a small amount of metadata about your instance including the site URL and the app license SEN. We store the data in Heroku Premium with several Standard Professional Dynos and the Heroku database region is "US". 

See the Appfire Privacy Policy for details on policies like Data Security.

Diagram of the data flow in Connect Apps