Migrating MultiExcerpt from Cloud to Server/Data Center

The MultiExcerpt macros have different names on Server than they do on Cloud.  For example, the "multiexcerpt-macro" macro on Cloud is "multiexcerpt" on Server.  In addition, the macros have a few parameters whose names are different.

You will perform a migration with no loss of service by enabling app/macro modules (on Server) that use the MultiExcerpt macro names for MultiExcerpt-Cloud.  


  1. Migrate your content from Cloud to Server

    1. Export Confluence pages from Confluence Cloud and import into Confluence Server
    2. Atlassian Confluence Support References:
      1. Cloud Migration Assistant for Confluence
      2. Migrate from Confluence Cloud to Server

  2. On your SERVER: enable the MultiExcerpt modules for MultiExcerpt macros with Cloud names 

    1. Navigate to 'Manage apps'
      1. Confluence Admin > Manage apps
    2. Expand the section for your Multiexcerpt plugin
    3. Expand the 'modules' section within the Multiexcerpt plugin section
    4. Disable these two modules:
      1. multiexcerpt
      2. multiexcerpt-include
    5. Enable these modules:
      1. multiexcerpt-macro
      2. multiexcerpt-fast-inline-macro
      3. multiexcerpt-fast-block-macro
      4. multiexcerpt-include-macro
      5. multiexcerpt-fast-include-inline-macro
      6. multiexcerpt-fast-include-block-macro
  3. For future support:
    1. please alert Artemis Support that you are using migrated macros so that they know why your Server macro names are not the default.

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