Migrating Copy Page Tree from Server/Data Center to Cloud

The Server/Data Center to Cloud migration of Copy Page Tree can be performed without any loss of service on your Server or Cloud instances. No user action is required, since Copy Page Tree does not contain any state that needs to be copied to the new instance.


  1. Follow standard migration instructions for Confluence as documented by Atlassian.


Atlassian has some guidance on the licensing policies for migrations here: Transfer your self-hosted license to cloud

See the section entitled "App licenses". The policy for app licenses is that there is no transfer or credit from Server/Data Center towards a Cloud license (sorry). 

Application vendors rely on Atlassian for licensing and purchasing, for which Atlassian charges a percentage of the license fee. We are always happy to hear feedback on licensing policies but be aware that they are set and controlled by Atlassian and that feedback given directly to them about their policies is probably the best way to get it heard by the folks who set the policies. 

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