Copy Page Tree - Server vs Cloud

The Copy Page Tree plugin is available for both Server/Data Center and Cloud:

The two different plugins are very similar in functionality, with minor differences in the user interface and in the details of the behavior during and after the copy operation. There is no migration necessary when you migrate your instance from Server/DC to Cloud (or vice versa). You only need to install the Copy Page Tree plugin on your instance.

We strive to maintain consistency between the Server/DC and Cloud versions of the app in order to ease the transition for users moving from Server/DC to Cloud (or vice versa).

However, there are some differences that we are documenting here:

  • There is no option in Server/DC for enable/disable copying of page labels. Page labels are always copied for Server/DC.

    • There is such an option in Cloud

  • Server/DC has a SINGLE input for search/replace in page content. Cloud allows multiple search/replace terms.

  • The order of the inputs (the form layout) is a bit different in Server and Cloud. It would be nice to make them more consistent (by changing Server/DC). They are very similar and both are intuitive so this is low priority.

    • Also, Server/DC has “Copy Permissions” enabled by default while Cloud does not.

  • Server/DC does not remember your form inputs for multiple copy operations. Cloud does. This is a recent feature in Cloud, released in 2021.

  • Server/DC does not have a progress log that can be copied to the clipboard and provided to support (Cloud does have that). The Confluence server logs are easily accessible for Server/DC so this is something that may never be added to the Server/DC plugin. This was added to the Cloud plugin because the logs are not available to the user in Cloud.

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