Differences between the Server, Data Center, and Cloud MultiExcerpt App

Cloud VS Server/Data Center

Please review the MultiExcerpt Cloud - User Guide

Does not have an Admin page or Admin controls

Does not have the MultiExcerpt Enhanced Permissions Macro

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But cloud does have a somewhat similar feature in Fallback Permission Handling

Does not have Find Include Feature

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Does not have a hidden Macro

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Minor rendering differences

There are two different page editors in Cloud: the new editor and Legacy. You have to choose them when you create a page


Is handled differently and there are no controls for caching 

MultiExcerpt Cloud Data Storage & Privacy

Server VS Data Center

User experience

The user will not see any difference between Server and Data Center. All features are the same on both. 

Differences the user won't notice


Works over clusters

Expanded performance testing

Meets all Atlassian requirements for security, performance, scalability, and stability in a DC deployment

other Cloud specific documentation