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Click here to see the Multi-Excerpt AddOn in the Atlassian Marketplace

Demo Video


The multi excerpt plugin behaves like the excerpt macro, but allows for multiple excerpts, from multiple spaces.


Defining an excerpt from another space:

To pull a MultiExcerpt from another space you need to prepend the "PageName"  with  "<spacekey>:"

So for instance to include a multiexcerpt from the Demonstration Space which has a spacekey of "DS" and from a page TestPage you would write


here is a working screenshot of the macro in the macro editor shown below.



For AddOns to work properly you now need to make sure that Confluence group "atlassian-addons"  has full read/write permissions to the content being operated on.  If you are receiving any kind of permission errors this is likely the case.

Please goto the space permission settings and make sure "atlassian-addons" group has read+write.  This is usually the cause of permission related issues. In some cases you may also need to check "general permissions" or page-level permissions if things have been locked down there.




Limitations for MultiExcerpt Cloud

Performance /  why there is no 'cache' option for the Cloud version

For several invocations of multiexcerpt-include on the same page will unfortunately result in degrading performance of rending of that page.  The more multiexcerpt-includes the greater the performance degradation.

This is  currently a limitation of the "Confluence Cloud platform" implementation by Atlassian and the way it is currently offered to add-on vendors.  There is no way around it I'm aware of. We already do as much client side caching as we are able.

For the "Confluence Server" version of this add-on I was able to implement a cache feature which makes performance even with hundreds of multiexcerpt-includes nearly instantaneous.  

Thus if you are running into performance issues because of the need for many multiexcerpt-includes on a single page I highly recommend considering "Confluence Server" which can be hosted by a 3rd party who specialize in Confluence hosting such as Contegix or hosted by your IT department. You'll ultimately get more performance out of Confluence Server across the board and access to thousands more reliable add-ons.

We've created this tracking issue:   MEPOD-8 - Getting issue details... STATUS

and will post more information both here and there as we discover it and whether Atlassian provides a solution to this. Solutions such as using BigPipe would solve this problem.


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