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  • Drag and drop to rearrange fields
  • Fast editing of forms and updates
  • Users can go back and update forms when settings allow
  • The ability to control who can edit a form via Confluence's page permissions.
  • A dynamic up to date report on form submissions.
  • EMail notification of form submissions
  • Confluence notifications of form submissions
  • The ability to export form submissions in
    • XML
    • JSON
    • CSV
    • XLS
  • Easily remove submissions from a report
  • Allow for single or multiple submissions per user.
  • Predefined form field types including:
    • Text
    • Paragraph
    • Multiple Checkbox
    • Multiple Choice
    • Drop Down
    • Date
    • Time
    • Number
    • Website Address
    • Email Address
    • Mailing Address
    • Section Titles

Creating an Easy Form is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3 !

1) Add an Easy Form Macro to the page

2) Drag and drop fields to quickly create your form


3) Click "Save" and Voila! 

Creating a Report

Simply add an "EasyForm Report" Macro to any page indicating the 'page location' and the 'form name' to see the results.

Video Demo


More Features

EMail Notifications

To control EMail notification of form submissions navigate to Administration -> Easy Forms -> Configuration


For EMail notifications to work your Confluence server must also have an outgoing mail SMTP server successfully configured:


Confluence notification integration

Notifications are sent to users with 'edit' access to a page containing a form as shown



Form copying features

  • A user can copy paste a form from page to page in the Confluence page's edit mode.
  •  A user can use Confluence's "Copy Page" feature to copy the entire page including the form.
  •  Page templates containing a form can be created simply by creating/editing a template and pasting in the EasyForm macro copied from a page in 'edit mode'
    • Here is a video showing how to create a Confluence template which will generate pages with a pre-existing form.  Copying the form to another page the same way as creating the template also works.

HipChat notification integration

"Coming Soon!"

Pulling reports into other spaces:

You CAN pull reports from other spaces however it currently requires a slight work around. 

1) Create a report in the same public space

2) Restrict access to that page (if desired) with a 'page restriction'   (to make sure only the correct people can view reports).

3) Use the "include page" macro (built into Confluence) to display the report on another page in another space.  This will also work using the Multi Excpert add-on or possibly the excerpt macro.

Additionally page restrictions are inherited by child pages so you could create a 'restricted reports' page and then put the other pages under that without having to re-restrict the permissions for those pages each time.

This is a feature we will implement in a future release without the workaround being tracked here.


(question) Can anyone edit my form?

      (tick) Only people with "Write" access to page with your form can edit the form.


(question) Who can view the results of the form's submissions?

      (tick) Only people with "Write" access to page with your form can edit the form. In the future we'll add some more flexibility around this.


(question) What happens to the data if a delete a field?

      (tick) All data is stored, maintained and viewable in the reports.


(question) What if I want to do more analysis on my data?

      (tick) You should absolutely in that case export your data to Excel (using the XLS link at the bottom of the report) or one of the other formats: JSON, XML, CSV.


(question) Can I have multiple forms on a page?

      (tick) Yes!


(question) Can I have two forms on a page with the same name?

      (tick) No.   Forms on different pages can have the same name, but two forms on the same page currently causes the second form to just appear empty. This will be replaced with an error message in the future.


(question) Can I move my form to another page?

      (tick) No.  The form data is associated with that page's pageId.  So you can rename or move the page but the form 'lives' on that page.


(question) What happens to the data if the page with the form is deleted?

      (tick) The data remains, but would not currently be viewable via the report macro. However any administrator can still export the data from the Administration -> EasyForms Admin screen.








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