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Welcome to the Copy Page Tree AddOn for Confluence OnDemand


The AddOn adds a page action to copy not only the current page but a complete page hierarchy. The AddOn supports adjustments of page names to avoid problems with page name duplication. Copies can be saved to other Spaces as well.
To install this plugin, go to


  • copy an entire page tree along with page attachments
  • intuitive user interface to
    • rename pages to be copied
    • preview the page tree copy
  • some links and references are updated to work with the new target location
  • delete an entire page tree (might need to be enabled)
  • progress bar gives real time feedback about the progress of the copy job


Please make sure the group "atlassian-addons" has adequate and correct read/write permissions for the content you are trying to copy. Otherwise you will likely get "permission" related errors for reading and/or creating the content.

Demo video

Screenshot Gallery


(question) Why do I get a "Does not have permissions" error for some operations?

(tick) When you install the AddOn to your Confluence the "Atlassian Connect" platform creates a user called "Copy Page Tree" with a username of addon_copy-page-hierarchy.  If this user does not have permissions to do something like delete a page tree then Confluence will cause the operation to fail.   FIX:  add/update permissions for the "user"   "addon_copy-page-hierarchy"


You can open a ticket by emailing: help (at)

Longer running issues such as upcoming features and bug fixes are tracked here:


  • the number of pages that can be copied in a page tree is currently limited to 1000 pages
  • the size of any particular attachment that can be copied is currently limited to 5 megabytes

For reasons of reducing server load as all Connect AddOns are hosted by the vendors these current limitations have been set. If you have feedback or need updates to these limits please let us know by emailing: help(at)


RemoteException: You're not allowed to view that page, or it does not exist.

(question) Getting this:   "Error: The application was unable to serve your request: com.atlassian.confluence.rpc.RemoteException: You're not allowed to view that page, or it does not exist.

 (tick) This is most likely because the AddOn's user "Copy Page Tree" does not have sufficient permissions for the operation. Please update permissions for that user to read/write the page tree.

Please make sure the AddOn has "Use" permissions under Administration --->  Global Permissions as in the screenshot 


the 'add-on' user (in this case with username   addon_com.nurago.confluence.plugins.treecopy ) needs to have read/write access to all the content it is expected to copy both to and from.  If permissions on spaces or pages are restricted then either:

  • add the user with read/write access to the space(s) - or
  • add the user to a group with read/write access to the space(s) - or
  • if there are page restrictions the user must be given 'read'/'write' access in all the page restrictions

Same named pages exist
  • Issue
    • The add-on makes suggestion you might have an existing page of the same name
  • Resolution
    • Rename those pages or move them to another space or delete pages
  • Work around
    • Make the initial copy to a temp space then use Confluence to move the new top level page of the tree back to the intendended destination. Confluence will tell you explicitly which pages have the same existing names. 
Copying to a blank parent page
  • info
    • This is rare but if the target destination space has no page this can occur
  • work around
    • make sure a destination parent page is selected in the drop down
Error with no other info
  • info
    • We've run into certain characters that cause our parser to fail, we are looking to fix this. It seems Confluence itself has issues with certain international characters.
  • example
    • Æ,Ø,Å
  • work around
    • delete those characters or remplace them with images till we get this fixed

Parent Page destination field not populating properly on Copy Page Tree page
  • Description: For some copies in very large spaces the parent page destination drop down field does not completely populate.
  • Work around:   You can copy the page tree to a "temp space" or space that has under a hundred pages so the "parent destination field" populates. After the copy you can navigate to the top of the new 'page tree' and use the Confluence "Move" page feature to move the new page tree to it's ultimate destination.   
  • More info:
    • We are tracking this issue here and hope to fix it in the future:  CPTC-8 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • We have determined that for relatively large spaces the Atlassian API our add-on uses does not return results, but rather times out. In other words our add-on asks Confluence for a list of pages in the space, but Confluence does not respond with an answer. Thus we've definitively determined that to be a bug in the Atlassian Confluence API. However Atlassian has now deprecated that API and offered a newer REST API which means we have to rewrite large parts of the add-on. And Atlassian no longer supports the API we are using. At the time of creating the add-on we used that API because it was the only one available.
      We have identified that Confluence sometimes times out on the destination drop down. This seems to be a proxy issue or bug with the JSON-RPC api which is not paginated.

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