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Click here to see the Multi-Excerpt AddOn in the Atlassian Marketplace


The plugin is now released to work with Confluence 4+ and 5+ !

  • over 19 issues resolved!
  • XHTML style macros now supported
  • legacy wiki-markup style also supported for existing multi-excerpts
Download it via the UPM in Confluence or P.A.C.
Read here for more details about the new licensing
Here is a quick video demo of the new MultiExcerpt plugin for Confluence 4

MultiExcerpt 4 Demo Video





The multi excerpt plugin behaves like the excerpt macro, but allows for multiple excerpts, from multiple spaces.

  • define multiple "multiexcerpts" and pull those in whereever you like
  • pull multiexcerpts across different spaces
  • use "@self" to reference multiexcerpts on the same page as your multiexcerpt-include macros
  • the 'in memory cache' feature allows pages with even hundreds of multiexcerpt to load quickly


Defining an excerpt from another space:

To pull a MultiExcerpt from another space you need to prepend the "PageName"  with  "<spacekey>:"

So for instance to include a multiexcerpt from the Demonstration Space which has a spacekey of "DS" and from a page TestPage you would write


here is a working screenshot of the macro in the macro editor shown below.





The documentation for version 2.0.7 has been moved to the link below. That is the version that works with Confluence 2.10 through 3.5.x
Legacy MultiExcerpt version 2.0.7


MultiExcerpt Enhanced Permissions

Share content even from protected spaces and pages with specific users and groups.

The "MultiExcerpt Enhanced Permissions macro allows users to share content including on restricted pages and in restricted spaces with other specific users and or groups.

Use this feature to now show content in a controlled way to anyone you want.

You can now expose content on pages with restricted permissions to specific users and/or groups that you define in the "MultiExcerpt Enhanced Permissions" macro. 

Though the content contained in within the body of the macro below is on a page with restricted permissions it can still be seen by anyone in the group "finance-department" as well as the users admin and Charles Atlas.


  • Wrap some content on a restricted page with the "MultiExcerpt Enhanced Permissions" macro on any page with restricted permissions. 
  • Define in the macro parameters which users and/or groups who can see the content
  • Add a multiexcerpt-include to any page where the 'users' and/or 'groups' granted permissions have access. They will also be able to see this otherwise restricted content.
New "MultiExcerpt Enhanced Permissions" macro listed in drop down and macro browser.


New options to allow specific users and/or groups to view this content even when it originates on a restricted page or in a restricted space.




When adding content to a "MultiExcerpt Enhanced

Demonstration video


To hide/disable the macro

If you'd like to disable this macro so it doesn't show up in the list of macros a user can select you can simply disable the macro's module as shown:

Click to expand screenshot



MultiExcerptInclude Cache


When the MultiExcerpt cache is enabled multiexcerpt-includes will render very fast.

Also please note that if you have a huge page (hundreds of multiexcerpt-includes),  then it will still be slow to load the first time or two while everything is cached in memory. After that it should be relatively insanely fast. (smile)

However in certain use cases the multiexcerpt includes might not behave as expected. In those cases you might want to disable the cache.

You can also disable caching for individual multi-excerpt-includes


Something changed in Confluence around version 5.1 which caused pages to render much slower, thus I've introduced this cache feature.

As of 4.16 of the add-on cache is managed through Confluence's built in Cache Management admin screen and system.

More information can be found in the Confluence documentation for Cache Performance Tuning


Moving from Confluence Cloud to Server

The multi-excerpt's macro names and parameters are slightly different between Confluence Cloud and Confluence Server.  If you are moving from Confluence Cloud to Confluence Server please disable the two macros "multiexcerpt" and "multiexcerpt-include" and enable the other two "multiexcerpt-macro" and "multiexcerpt-include-macro" as shown:


Click image to expand:

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