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NameBulk User Upload
VendorArtemis Software (Website)
CategoriesAdmin Tools
Most Recent Version2.5
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This macro lets you easily add multiple users from a CSV file. There are a number of other features as well including updating multiple users at one time, de-activating users, reactivating, listing all users as a CSV file at one time and more!


Backup before using! AND test on a 'development/test/staging' server first
Please do a complete backup of your server before using this.  It has been tested but each environment is different and it does add/update user data without an automated way to roll back




To start using this AddOn you need to drop it into a Confluence page as a macro:


Usage: {bulk-user-upload}
The macro is only available to members of the group 'confluence-administrators'.
Copy and paste the CSV file contents into the form.
The formatting of the CSV is indicated in the window.
Also use the form buttons to bring up a sample, directions, or clear the form.


A screen shot:

Known issues:
  • If some of the users in the list already exist (but not all) an internal error is thrown. I'm not sure yet whether I can do anything to handle this. This only seems to occur when attempting to add the users to groups.
  • If groups are included in the CSV but the groups don't already exist errors are thrown in some cases. I'm pursuing work arounds for this.
Source code:

Planned features:
  • The ability to add existing users to groups in bulk (should be easy).
  • The ability to deactivate users in bulk (also trivial, but I'd like to solicit feedback on this one).
  • Better error handling and resolving the above issues.
  • Upload a csv text file instead of needing to copy / paste the contents.
  • I wrote this as a precursor to solving the issue where LDAP users still have to create an account to get familiar with the system and specifically the user management system. Atlassian is rewriting their user management so I may hold off to see how that looks.
  • Suggestions?
Screen shots:


Updates to version 2.4 - release Aug 2010

There is a new button - 'Add/Update Users And Profile Data'

Using this button allows you to:

  • define more of the user's profile data:   UserName| Password |  email | FullName | Phone| IM Handle| Website| Position| Department| Location | groups
  • You can now use either the delimiter pipe |  or a comma.  First it looks to see if there is a pipe symbol - if so it uses that. Otherwise a comma is used
  • Using this now will successfully update a user's information (overwrite what is there), however if the user already exists the password field is ignored, but you still must add a dummy value to that field. 



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