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Service Punchcards

Tap our experts to get unstructured help for your team. Our Service Punchcards are a fast and inexpensive way to smooth out speed bumps and navigate road blocks.

Punchcard Details

  • Five-hours of scheduled, expert help
  • Valid for 60 days from purchase
  • Service time is consumed in 15 minute increments (please see Using a Punchcard for guidelines)
  • Weekly update on remaining balance
  • Available by pre-purchase only (credit card, check, or bank transfers)
  • Covered by the Punchcard Services Terms (sorry, no alterations or substitutions)
  • Cost: $750

Punchcard Uses

Service Punchcards can be used for any situation you need help with, fast. Here are a few ideas:

  • Proof Of Concepts
  • Design & Development
  • Rapid Bug fixes
  • Customization
  • Configuration
  • Technical Research
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