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Thank you for the interest in the Confluence AddOn!  

Looking for a new feature or issue fix?

You are likely reading this page because you've either come across the need for a new feature or you've encountered an issue/bug.  Although I am doing my best to fix important bugs and widely requested features in many cases it might be weeks or months until I will realistically be able to get to something.  In the interest of giving you additional options other than simply saying "That feature will not be added for 6 months (or ever)" there are the following additional options:

Two Options to Expedite:

Expedited Services

If you're interested in a specific feature enhancement or bug fix I am happy to provide an estimate. In these cases it will typically be a minimum of $500 to implement. The payment must be received via PayPal, Check or BitCoin ahead of time.

Source code to Artemis add-ons are available

When a customer purchases an Artemis AddOn the source code will also be made available upon request. In some cases a developer is on staff that would able to add a feature or make a fix relatively quickly given access to the source. This option is not perfect for every organization, but is an option some customers take advantage of.  

Why should we have to pay for a bug fix or feature that should already be included?

I wish I could implement all bug fixes and feature requests. But the reality is that no software company of any size has ever been able to do this. Because Atlassian is very open we all know of bug requests and feature requests open for years.  Much to Atlassian's credit this is only known because they are extremely open. Atlassian takes some heat for such issues but they really ARE very open and thankfully get props for that as well. 

By offering these two options I am not suggesting customers should fix issues or pay extra for issue fixes, but the reality is the number of things any software company can get to are limited.

By offering these additional options I want to give the customer a voice in deciding for themselves how valuable a feature or issue fix might be rather than simply saying "we will not be fixing that issue"

Additionally my plugins are VERY cheap right now.  They are both some of the cheapest and most used plugins by many companies. I enjoy this because I prefer as many companies as possible can use them.





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