Survey performance: large surveys


We have Confluence server (6.7.1) with the survey/vote macro (2.12.5).

On a single page we have 2 survey macros: each with default choices= Yes, No; changeable vote, show list of voted users, pending voters, plain login name, 12 voters
Survey 1 has 163 row items
Survey 2 has 75 row items

We have collaborative editing turned ON, however the surveys are now both locked and nobody is accessing the page.
As the only user it takes 43 seconds on average for the page to load after refresh or edit.
Zabbix monitoring does not show any host server system change in cpu, memory, swap, or processes.
Google Developer tools indicates that 33 seconds is spent 'rendering' and has a Warning Forced reflow is a likely performance bottleneck and references layout optimizations for css. But we are using the default Confluence theme, thus the default CSS out of the box.

I have recreated the page and even with a single vote macro with 163 rows the page is slow to load. Not as bad, but still 30 seconds which leads me to hypothesize that there may be a linear performance degradation correlated to the number of row items in the survey macro.

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Alex Kislyak