MultiExcerpt Include Macro's rendered content not Searchable (Atlassian searches SFXML)


Currently we are evaluating the Multi Excerpt Macro (30 Day trial), for achieving content reuse feature (to achieve the functionality of single-sourcing) as provided by typical CMS in the today's market.
However, we observed one major issue when using "Multi Excerpt-Include" to include the content, which is created somewhere else; like, in the Master space.
For example, we created a topic "A" in the Master space and it has 3 Multi Excerpt placeholders; named as A1, A2 and A3. Now we have created another topic "B" in Customer space and have 2 Multi Excerpt-Include place holders, which are referring to A1 and A2.
After saving the page, we searched for "A1" content in the entire Atlassian cloud. The search result only returns the Topic "A" and not the Topic "B". However, same content in available in Topic "B" as well using the "Multi Excerpt-Include" placeholder. Moreover, "A1" content is more relevant in Topic "B" only since it has other related content and a defined structure as per user's requirement and Topic B is part of Customer space.

SUMMARY OF REQUEST: Atlassian content searches that search for rendered content do not find pages with MultiExcerpt Includes on them when the rendered MultiExcerpt Include does have the content of interest. (Note: this is happening because Atlassian content searches do not search the rendered content, they search the Storage Format XML, which is indexed for search)

EDITED: this feature (Find Includes) is currently available in the product, see
Further, when we view "A1" and "A2"content in Topic "A" there is no option to see "usage info" of "A1" and "A2" content. Because, there might be the case that "A1" and "A2" content is reused at multi places (different topics of different space using the "Multi Excerpt-Include" placeholder) in the Confluence cloud.

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Ture Hoefner
January 10, 2020, 11:00 PM

Atlassian content searches do not search the rendered content, they search the Storage Format XML, which is indexed for search.

The included content for a MultiExcerpt Include is not in the Storage Format XML, it is in the page that is rendered by Atlassian after processing the SFXML for a page view. Atlassian does not search the rendered content, they search the SFXML.

Dheeraj Gupta
October 25, 2017, 7:21 AM

Hello Artemis,

Do we have any plan to have this feature in Multi Excerpt Plugin in the near future?




Alex Kislyak