MultiExcerpt Reporting Macro - summary overview of MultiExcerpts, their owner pages and includes


  1. Add a multiexcerpt reporting macro that generates a table that displays the following columns:

    1. The multiexcerpts residing in a space

    2. The pages they are on

    3. The pages that have Multiexcerpt Include macros that reference them

    4. When the page was last updated.

  2. This report macro could look similar to the Page Properties Report macro, with the columns being sortable.

  3. Customer requested options for this macro are:

    1. In Space: Accepts space keys, defaults to current space

    2. Filter by Label: Accepts page labels, defaults to no filter

    3. Columns to show: Drop-down list with choices

      1. Host page

      2. Page(s) with Multiexcerpt Include macro referencing the Multiexcerpt macro

      3. Last updated (preferably when the content within the multiexcerpt was updated, vs. when the page was updated)

  4. References:

This enhancement request also exists for MutiExcerpt - Server, see

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Ture Hoefner
March 3, 2020, 5:41 PM

The "Find Includes" button would be a more compact implementation of ME reporting. It is what we have now in ME - Server. See "Add 'Find Includes' feature to MultiExcerpt - Cloud"

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Ture Hoefner