Add a plain-text Multiexcerpt macro to the Multiexcerpt app


MultiExcerpts are rich-text body macros. Therefore, they cannot be nested in Tables (or any other rich-text body macro). MultiExcerpt Includes, however, do work within Tables when using a MultiExcerpt that is outside of a table.

A plain-text MultiExcerpt would allow nesting of MultiExcerpts in Tables.

See details about rich-text body macro nesting (and lack of support for) in our KB article:

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Tagir Gadelshin
February 10, 2020, 2:12 PM

this would be a great feature

As a Multiexerp user, our company upvote this feature (didn’t find any button in Jira to upvote this issue)

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Bob Bergman


Ture Hoefner