Multiexcerpt include does not show content when the page is accessed anonymously.


When I publish my space to be accessed anonymously, instead of the multi-excerpt content, "Param user_key is required" is displayed.

There is no use of using this plugin if it doesn't work

Version: Confluence Cloud.

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Ture Hoefner
January 13, 2020, 4:37 PM

: I am triaging bugs in our backlog and for this one I am seeing that MultiExcerpt Include DOES work on a page that is accessed anonymously.

  • On a page that is allowed to be accessed anonymously add a Multiexcerpt-fast-block-macro containing some text

  • On a page this is allowed to be accessed anonymously include that content by adding a Multiexcerpt-fast-include-block-macro

  • The included content renders

Maybe you were trying to include content from a restricted page, a page that is not allowed to be accessed anonymously? For that use case the error message has changed due to significant changes by Atlassian for GDPR compliance. The new error message, for an include on an anonymous-accessed page for content from a restricted page is: No page found with title "Foo" in space "FO". If you're experiencing issues please see our Troubleshooting Guide

If you want the ability to include some restricted content on a page that is not restricted see the Feature Request "Add MultiExcerpt Enhanced Permissions Macro for Cloud"

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Hemant Kapila