Multiexcerpt and multiexcerpt include macros are displayed as 'Param user_key is required' for anonymous users.



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#96937 ( - Multi Excerpt Include | Error "Param user_key is required" on Confluence Spaces set to public/anonymous access

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Lindsey Byers
January 8, 2018, 10:01 PM

Hi Brendan,

I was wondering if you could provide a time frame for this fix? We use your tool for our public facing documentation and we have a release coming up on January 15th. I need to assess if it is worth waiting for your fix or if I will need to redo our docs to remove the multiexcerpt add-on.

I hope we can come to a speedy resolution because this tool is exactly what we are looking for and I hope to continue using it. However, if we have to go a different direction to resolve the issue before our release, it is unlikely we will have the bandwidth to revisit and will need to discontinue paying for this service.

I appreciate your efforts and hope we can find a quick solution that meets our needs.
Lindsey Byers




Alex Kislyak