Add whitelist regex for filtering emails based on email subject


I want to add a filter on incoming mail so that I can be sure that I am not spammed with rubbish pages in Confluence.

I want only to create pages from e-mails with certain keywords in the subject.

I set up a regexp to try this out. Several online test tools shows me that the expression returns true when I expect it to. Example: RegExp: "(ec_general|ec_prod|ec_trans|ec_sale|ec_revn|ec_frmw)" E-mail subject: "ec_prod Adding new object in foobar class" I would expect this to be a setup that works with your whitelist feature.

The existing whitelist feature is for filtering out emails with a "from" address that does not match the regex.

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#673 ( - E-mail to page plugin - Whitelist reg exp not working

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Brendan Patterson
February 10, 2014, 5:17 PM

Note added by Brendan in Freshdesk:
I meant to write you CAN track the issue here:

Brendan Patterson | | | 720-515-6760

Brendan Patterson
February 10, 2014, 5:15 PM

Note added by Brendan in Freshdesk:
You cant track the issue here:


Brendan Patterson | | | 720-515-6760




Brendan Patterson