Allow missing to/cc/bcc address to be tolerated


"plus address" email processing executes code that searches for the "to/cc/bcc" address in a processed email.

Currently, some MS Exchange servers do not include the email address when it is BCC'd to a user. The Java Mail API used to getAllRecipients from the email does not find the address and app processing fails at that point. Therefore, BCC does not currently work for MS Exchange and the Send Email to Page app because the app fails if there is no matching to address.

Add the ability for the app to tolerate it when there is no matching to address. When there is no matching to address then plus addressing will not work but that is OK, servers like MS Exchange don't usually support plus addressing.


  • If your email server (probably MS Exchange) is not including the email address for a BCC email

  • Use CC instead of BCC

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Ture Hoefner


Ture Hoefner