Allow "to" address to be specified as a CC or BCC email address


Currently, the app only looks at the "to" addresses for emails on the incoming email server.

Add support for the "to" address to be specified as a CC or BCC email address.

EDIT: this bug was a mistake. The app DOES look at to, cc, and bcc addresses. The problem we saw was that bcc does not work for MS Exchange due to the fact that MS Exchange does not include the email address in a bcc email See )

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Ture Hoefner
January 4, 2021, 10:23 PM

This functionality exists in all modern versions of this app (for the past 10 years).

It is possible that the implementation does not work for some certain type of incoming email server or server configuration. Investigating...

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Ture Hoefner


Ture Hoefner