NullPointerException at biz.artemissoftware.confluence.sendemailtopage.EMailCheck.openFolders(


After installing Send EMail to Page and configuring it to use a gmail account for the incoming server:

  • Disabled the Scheduled Job named "SendEMailToPage Check EMail Server Job" so I could control all email processing exclusively via the "Check EMail Now" button in the Send EMail to Page admin tool.

  • Successfully used "Test Configuration" button

  • Used "Check EMail Now" button a few times

  • Sent emails, used "Check EMail Now" button, emails were properly processed

  • Used Download Log Files to view the SendEmailToPageConfPlugin.log and noticed:

It happend 2 times, exactly 5 minutes apart.


  • Before the Send EMail to Page app is configured, immediately after installation, the Scheduled Job named "SendEMailToPage Check EMail Server Job" is enabled and configured to run every 5 minutes. Every 5 minutes it fails to connect to the incoming email server and this is what that failure looks like. (I did not disable the scheduled job until 10 minutes after I did the app install).


  • Scheduled Job named "SendEMailToPage Check EMail Server Job" could be disabled upon installation. Add enable/disable detector in the admin tool and instructions for enabling it to the admin tool and in the User Guide.

  • After EMailCheck.connectToServer() fails (1st logline), do not proceed to EMailCheck.openFolders() which then fails with NullPointerException (2nd logline). After the first failure just fail the entire scheduled job.

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