Add ability to search content in the multiexcerpt-include


Freshdesk Ticket #107563
one of the shortcomings of Confluence's original excerpt-include macro is
that included content is not searchable, i. e. pages containing a search
term within the excerpt-include macro do not show up in the search
results. Only the source page (the one which contains the excerpt-macro)
shows up.
Has this issue been addressed with the multiexcerpt-app?
Thanks in advance and best regards

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#107563 ( - Will content included by using the multi-excerpt app be found by the Confluence search?

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Ture Hoefner
April 14, 2020, 6:34 PM

Confluence search uses the indexed Storage Format (SFXML) page markup. The MultiExcerpt Include markup does not have the included content in it, it only has a pointer to the included content. So, the MultiExcerpt Include content would not be found in a Confluence search.

It may be possible to implement a custom search tool that can search all excerpts for certain content. It would be subject to permissions of the user who is doing the search.

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Brendan Patterson


Brendan Patterson