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I work in a knowledge role where I create a lot of collateral surrounding consulting implementation methodology. We recently changed our approach to an agile approach and work through our client events in multiple workshops based on sprints.

Today, we have found several uses for your multi-excerpt include macro within Wiki but have run into some problems around performance. I'll explain my scenario:

1. Scenario

  • We have one source page with 50 content stories

  • Wrap each content story in its own multi-excerpt

  • We want create 5 target pages that pull in various stories from the source page
    2. Current Functionality

  • On the first target page "Workshop 1", use 10 multi-excerpt include macros to pull the specific section from the source page.

  • The result is this allows us to have a page that is plug and play based on which excerpts I include. So then I copy this page 5 times, then link all the appropriate content to make each target page unique thus making 5 workshops.

  • The issue here, is that the more sections you have on your source page and the more multi-excerpt includes you perform on the target page, the longer the target page takes to load. Even something as simple as 20 includes, will create up to a minute or more of load time.
    3. Requested Functionality

  • I would love to see this macro be given a face lift to essentially multi-select components from 1 or more sources in a single macro, rather than requiring 1 macro per story. Is this possible or can this be macro be updated to include this functionality?

Please note I am not the wiki administrator for my organization but I am a consumer of the license and macros that have been selected. We do have your license to leverage your plug in for multi-excerpt but I am requesting feedback on the best way to solve this problem or possibly request an enhancement to its performance and or flexibility in how content is pulled in.

Feel free to reach out to me at this e-mail address. We have a large scale project going on that involves over 1000 stories across various teams and am struggling with a way to deplore these stories in a variety of target pages without having to maintain the content on each target page.

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