link from multiexcerpt-include (in page view mode) to page with multiexcerpt


If a user views a page with a MultiExcerpt Include on it and wants to read more of the page where the excerpt comes from, it would be neat to include an icon ("+", or "more", etc) where, if you click it, it opens i a browser window to the page containing the multiexcerpt-macro.

Implementation ideas:

  • Add this feature to the header of the panel that is used to render ME-Include when "Add Surrounding Panel" is enabled for the ME-Include macro.

  • The title of the ME that is rendered in the panel header could be the link back to the page w/ the ME on it

  • Perhaps the ME macro could be enhanced to add an anchor that would allow ME-Include to use anchor links to link to the location on the page where the ME is located.

  • Allow toggle on/off to specify if the ME-Include panel should be included in a PDF export of the page. (this is probably a separate feature request)

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Leslie Gilbert
September 1, 2020, 11:18 PM

The below comment is from a User in SUP-2108.

So the main idea of this feature is: more flexibility an so more options for using ME.

in every case "Add Surrounding Panel" is activated.

Case 1:

Using ME to include content from another page, with URL/Link to the source. My User Macro:


    1. @noparams
      Quelle: <a HREF="$action.getGlobalSettings().getBaseUrl()$content.getUrlPath()">[$space.getName()] $content.getTitle()</a>
      This information is very useful. But of course its a laborious to implement this macro in every ME exclude by hand. The SPACEKEY in the current headpanel is not a good solution for standard users, because orientation in confluence is going about the name of the space. This was the reason for deactivate “Add Surrounding Panel” add doing the user macro.

This is why it should be in ME Header integrated.

The URL Link could be work better if the ME exclude macro would create an anchor. the shortcut would be smoother.

Why Toggle on/off this URL-Link information?

because not in every time this information is desired
Step 2: Overthinking your current header SPACEKEY:title to “title”
result could be with Toggle “on”: Title ( = link to content (anchor ?!)
Why Toggle on/off this URL-Link information in PDF/export?

because not in every time this information is desired
documentation is primarily for intern work processes, if exporting to PDF there is often no need to name the source.
Case 2:

Sure: “using ME to include content from another page”. But in this one a toggle on/off to show the headerpanel.

Why "Add Surrounding Panel" but no header?

because not in every time this information is desired
ME could be used like a quote.
if there is a chance to get .css classes “CMEP-252”, its a wonderful way to include content from another page but with the same output css style. WITHOUT doing some “style” stuff in the source-content. Everything would be so easy to handle.
no panelheader = no print / export PDF




Brendan Patterson