Multiexcerpt Reporting, Nested Includes, Panel Display Enhancements


The following are enhancements that would be highly useful to us in our movement towards single sourcing our content. They are listed in order of importance:

  1. Add a multiexcerpt reporting macro that generates a table that displays columns

    1. Columns

      1. The multiexcerpts residing in a space

      2. The pages they are on

      3. The pages that have Multiexcerpt Include macros that reference them

      4. When the page was last updated.

    2. This report macro could look similar to the Page Properties Report macro, with the columns being sortable. Desired options for this macro are:

      1. In Space: Accepts space keys, defaults to current space

      2. Filter by Label: Accepts page labels, defaults to no filter

      3. Columns to show: Drop-down list with choices

        • Host page

        • Page(s) with Multiexcerpt Include macro referencing the Multiexcerpt macro

        • Last updated (preferably when the content within the multiexcerpt was updated, vs. when the page was updated)

    3. References:

  2. Provide the ability to have nested multiexcerpt includes, i.e., where an include referencing a multiexcerpt that contains another include. Currently multiexcerpt includes cannot be nested, or used past one level deep.

  3. Add to the Multiexcerpt and Multiexcerpt Include macros options for displaying a panel and title bar with color settings. The Panel macro options are a good reference.

  4. Add checkbox option for a surrounding panel on the Multiexcerpt macro (Multiexcerpt Include already has this in default gray).

    1. Desired additional options for both macros are:

      • Border Style: (See Panel macro)

      • Border Colour: (See Panel macro)

      • Border Pixel Width: (See Panel macro)

      • Background Color: (See Panel macro)

      • Title Background Colour: (See Panel macro)

      • Title Text Colour: (See Panel macro)

    2. Add the ability to display both the Multiexcerpt Name and the Page With Excerpt values in the panel title for both macros.

Freshdesk Tickets

#49801 ( - Multiexcerpt Reporting, Nested Includes, Panel Display Enhancements
#57059 ( - Question on reporting of where MultiExcerpts are used?
#58429 ( - Including an Excerpt inside an excerpt
#97845 ( - Multi Excerpt

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Bill Franz
February 7, 2019, 7:21 PM

Apologies for being a pest but what version is this fix included in? The nested support is what I've been interested in for some time but I have not found that to be fixed and available in recent versions of this plugin. So if that's fixed I'd love to know what version I can upgrade to that would have that support.

Emily R Grace
July 28, 2017, 3:56 PM

The Multi-Excerpt Reporting macro would be extremely useful as we are using the Multi-Excerpt macro across several pages and spaces. We are also currently manually tracking where the content is reused which is very timely and prone to human error.

Shawn Mitchell
July 28, 2017, 3:56 PM

I manage a large amount of pages for a big data platform. It would be very useful to be able to tell where a multiexcerpt macro has been used w/ a reporting macro! We're currently doing this by listing out the pages on the page that has the macro, but that workaround leaves a lot of room for error and requires more manual maintenance.

Karen Mustain
July 28, 2017, 2:56 PM

We would be very interested in having reporting on the usage of the multiexcerpt macro. We use Confluence for our controlled documentation and we are using the multi-excerpt macro to help with content reuse and single sourcing. +1 on providing a report. I think this would be a very helpful feature for any users utilizing Confluece for documentation.

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