Compatibility with Comala Workflows internal publishing


Comala Workflows has the concept of a published/approved page version that isn't necessarily the latest version of the page. When rendering a page that has the multi excerpt plugin, it always displays the excerpt data from the latest version of the page. We have a request to display the multi excerpt data from the workflows approved version where it exists.

To determine if a page has a published version Workflows has an OSGI service that can be queried.

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Brendan Patterson
July 29, 2015, 6:03 PM


Thank you for your interest and the request. For a feature such as this there are two options to get it implemented:
1) I already share the source with customers who can implement such features.
2) I would implement via a punchcard

I'm going to mark this a 'resolved' for now as answered.

thank you,

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Brendan Patterson


Shannon Krebs