Inline comments in Confluence Excerpt are visible in Confluence Excerpt Include only if on same page as MultiExcerpt Include


If a Confluence Excerpt contains content with inline comments then sometimes a Confluence Excerpt Include will not show those comments when the inline comments feature is enabled. Sometimes it does show them.

It will show them if there is a MultiExcerpt Include on the same page as the Confluence Excerpt Include. Otherwise, the Confluence Excerpt Include does not display inline comments.


  • enable the feature for inline comments for includes

  • create a page with a Confluence Excerpt, put simple text in the excerpt

  • add an inline comment to the content in the excerpt

  • create a page and add a Confluence Excerpt Include to it that includes the test excerpt

  • verify you cannot see the inline comment in the include

  • add a MultiExcerpt Include to the page that has the Confluence Excerpt Include on it.

  • verify that you can now see inline comments in the Confluence Excerpt Include.

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Ture Hoefner