Improve style of "Close" widget on the "Find Includes" dialog for rendering in all versions of AUI


In version 5.5.0 of MultiExcerpt the style of the "Close" widget at the top of the "Find Includes" dialog was modified so it would work in the latest version of Confluence (7.12) which is an upgrade from AUI 8.x to AUI 9.x

In doing that, the style of the widget is not as nice as it used to be for AUI 8.x (Confluence 7.11) and AUI 7.x (Confluence 6.13).

Atlassian has given us code that can be used to conditionally style the widget based on the AUI version so now we can render a nice style for all AUI versions.

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Ture Hoefner


Ture Hoefner