Create ToolTip MultiExcerpt


As a user, I want to be able to insert a MultiExcerpt Include as a tooltip and have the tool tip render the MultiExcerpt Include content upon hovering over the tool tip.

highlight text shows more detail when you hover over it

  1. Create MultiExcerpt Include

  2. enter in content

  3. highlight text

  4. click on link shortcut

  5. select MultiExcerpt Tooltip

  6. select MultiExcerpt Include

  7. click next and see it in editor

Acceptance Criteria

  1. <Tooltip setup>

  2. Upon publishing page with MultiExcerpt tooltip:

    1. The highlighted page copy must indicate a hover exists (ex: underline)

    2. The page formatting must remain the same as before adding the excerpt except the hover indicator

    3. Upon hovering over the tool tip:

      1. A box must appear with the MultiExcerpt Include content

  3. <Will images or gifs be allowed?>

  4. <how many characters will we allow?>

mock up: see attachment

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