Comala Document Management integration with MultiExcerpt


Comala Document Management Comala is a workflow for approving changes to pages. They have integrations with other apps/plugins:

For a typical workflow a page may be transitioned to a "needs approval" state when a new version is published. Users of MultiExcerpt require that any page that includes an excerpt ALSO be transitioned to "needs approval" when the page that has the ME on it is transitioned to "needs approval".

In addition, a workflow would probably need to tag a MultiExcerpt Include page with info about which MultiExcerpt changed so that reviewers know where to look for the diff because a change in included content does not change the version diffs for the page. One way would be to insert content into the page similar to a git merge conflict:

<<<<<<<<<<< MultiExcerpt "Foo" on page "Page 1" was versioned
(included content)
<<<<<<<<<<< END OF CHANGE

The integration would probably need to be done in Comala's app.

Comala would use our "Find Includes" functionality.

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Ture Hoefner