templates: Add support to MultiExcerpt Include for relative path to excerpt page or for excerpt page title variables


I'd like to use the Multi-Excerpt add-on to streamline my project documentation by creating one Master Template with several named Multi-Excerpt macros, and also a few child templates (Child A, Child B, Child C) with some Multi-Excerpt Include macros relating to the excerpts in Master Template.
The issue is that the Include macros require me to specify an existing source page name, which does not yet exist because these are templates.

Is it possible to use some sort of variable in the source page name field for the Include macros to refer to a relative path, like "$parent-page"?
Or provide some other method of adding Include macros that do not have explicit source page references?

From another support case:
"Is there a way to make the multiple excerpt include look at the @parent page, so it will not be necessary to name the
page title for every single multiexcerpt?"

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Connor Mooney